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Today’s businesses have it much tougher than ever. Market dynamics, global competition and open communication through the World Wide Web have changed the playing field. The old rules no longer apply.

Competitors deploy more aggressive methods and customers and investors have much higher expectations. And the pressure for innovation, efficiency and quality is just constantly increasing.

To combat those trends, there have been efforts in the academic and corporate world to develop methodologies and approaches to meet those new challenges. These approaches range from decision science, game theory and TRIZ on the strategic side, to Lean and TOC on efficiency, to Six Sigma on the quality side, to name a few.

Although startups and small businesses are facing the same challenges, these methods and solutions are designed for large enterprises and, as is, are overkill for small business ventures.

Being passionately committed to the success of entrepreneurs and recognizing the need, VentureCode is here to help you start, finance and grow your business, utilizing a new paradigm.

We have the best-of-breed management science and best practice methodologies that so far have only been available and affordable to large organizations. Through our years of experience working with entrepreneurs, incubators and venture investors, we have adapted those to make them workable in the startup environment.

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