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Heptalyzer is a methodology, software solution and set of tools for planning and analyzing startup companies and business ventures.

It is a platform that is used by entrepreneurs, investors and business consultants to assess new ventures and identify the strong points as well as areas that need more attention. Heptalysis is the result of working with many startups, incubators and investors and captures the essence of a successful venture model.


Funding Kit

The Venture Code Funding Kit gives you everything you need for funding success.

To summarize, here is what you get:

- Executive Summary Template and Development Guide. Use to get a meeting with investors.

- Pitch Presentation Template and Development Guide. Get them excited, asking for more.
Business Plan Templates and Development Guide. Show them you mean business.

- Financial Planning Template. Very easy to use financial projections.

- Revenue Model Decision Tool. Helps you optimize the best way to go.
Target Market Report Template. This is a tremendous time saver for you.

- Private Placement Memorandum. Use if you wish to keep control of your business valuation decisions.

- Calculator Package. Another great time saver to generate the information investors want to see.

Our low introductory price of $49.00 will give you everything you need to unlock the venture code and get your business funded.

Move your chances measurably higher
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